Hard water? Our The ultimate scale protection

Hard water? We offer effective Protection against any limescale and any hard water.
Thanks to new technology, it is possible to protect against limescale and hard water without environmental impact. With us you will find products that solve your problems with limescale due to hard water in the long term. Without traditional softener that replaces the calcium with salt in our drinking water. Our solution called Scalestop from Nextfiltration, In simple terms this causes the scale forming crystals to stick to each other and not to metal surfac. Scalestop has been extensively tested and approved by some of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment, distributors and end users. The technology protects against scale without maintenance, salt and backwash. A smart technology for smart homes.

For years, traditional softeners have been virtually the only way to treat hard water. Other options, including magnets, electromagnets, RF devices and anodes, have been available, but few have proven effective.

Scalestop is designed to be an effective alternative to traditional softeners. In North America where softeners are more or less banned in many states due to the added salt is not removable, Scalestop has grown to the only alternative that works and sets a new standard for treating hard water, tested and approved by both third parties and the Water Quality Association according to NSF / ANSI Standard 61

Tested and Approved for Drinking Water Quality           

Next ScaleStop provides potable water which has drinking water safety certifications under NSF/ANSO Standard 61, BS6920 and is a WRAS approved product.   

Scalestop is not a traditional softener, but something much more, with all the benefits that a softener has, without all the disadvantages. Scalestop treats the water so it feels and acts like soft water. Without Limescale problems and without salt. Scalestop is more economical and has more benefits that a softener does not have. Salt as softner has many limitations in commercial and industrial applications that are well known and understood. Scalestop provides the protection needed without the restrictions associated with traditional softeners that replace the lime with salt in our drinking water.