NSS-1665 Scalestop limescale protection with 290 liters per minute in continuous flow

7,268.78 EUR


 Scalestop Tank Serien - Template Assisted Crystallisation 

Scalestop NSS-817

Scalestop water treatment is a breakthrough in advanced water treatment for hard water. With both outstanding height and width in flow and treatment of hardness (up to 72dH °) in continuous flow without interruption. We expect Scalestop to set new standards for the treatment of hard water in Sweden. The simplicity is striking and the results stand for themselves. It has never been easier!

30 liters per minute in continuous flow more than 43 m3 per day, 0 shutdowns, no regeneration no production stop in 3 years!

Buy for bypass valve CK-V3006 or Installation kit CK-V3000

This is included:

  • 6 months full repurchase guarantee
  • 1" connection included
  • Fully automatic
  • 2 years media warranty

Technical information

Intended for
1 household
purification Capacity
30 liters / min

After water meter
fiberglass Tank
47 cm
21 cm
21 cm
lime Removing
Upp till 72 dH i kontinuerligt flöde
Flow controlled
water meters
1 "external thread
no backflush exists

High-efficiency prevention technology against lime build-up in hard water

Scalestop Tank Series contains original TAC media from Nextfiltration which prevents hard water from forming lime deposits.
 The Tank series is a new and innovative system that provides extremely high flows in a quick and simple configuration for Point-of-Entry (POE) or Point-of-Use (POU) for high flow requirements. By using an up-flow technique we eliminate pressure drops in the best way. An installation of the TAC ScaleStop always means a significant reduction in service costs and reduces future investments.
Fully tested and NSF42 listed with NSF61 and BS6920 accredited. TAC, Template Assisted Crystallization meets government requirements for drinking water and provides a natural, safe and effective water treatment.
The Scalestop Tank range provides a safe, efficient, cost-effective, low-maintenance treatment. A system that is ideal for entire properties or for the entire villa that wants long intervals between the media switch and high security flows.Scalestop Tank series uses original TAC media from Next Filtration Technology, independently verified as equal efficiency as a traditional ion exchange / softener, but gives the great advantage of producing natural drinkable water. The Scalestop Tank series does not use electricity, no salt or chemicals, does not need to regenerate or rewind. Which makes it the ultimate "install and forget" system. The TAC Cartridge series can be mounted to all incoming water in a property and protect boilers, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines and ice machines and all other kitchen equipment that needs protection against hard water and lime.
Max Flow
30 liter/minute
21 x 47 cm
40 liter/minute
18 x 123 cm
46 liter/minute
20 x 123 cm
60 liter/minute
23 x 133 cm
80 liter/minute
26 x 151 cm
115 liter/minute
31 x 143 cm
190 liter/minute
36 x 201 cm
290 liter/minute
41 x 201 cm

The media should be changed every 3-5 years
  • High-efficiency prevention technology against calcium deposits
  • A natural process provides natural water
  • Costs less to buy and operate than conventional softeners
  • Does not use salt or chemicals - no salt water or backwashing
  • No maintenance
  • Protects the entire water system and all appliances - including boilers and water heaters
  • Maintains useful minerals in the water
  • The technology has zero (0) environmental impact