Scalestop High-efficiency technology against limescale build-up in hard water

The alternative to softeners and salt

The Scalestop Tank Series contains original TAC media from Nextfiltration, which prevents hard water from forming limescale deposits. 

Scalestop is a new and innovative system that provides extremely high flows in a quick and easy configuration for Point-of-Entry (POE) or Point-of-use (POU) for large flow requirements. By using an upstream technology, we eliminate pressure drops in the best way. An installation of TAC Scalestop always means a significant reduction in service costs and reduces future investments.

Fully tested and NSF42 listed with NSF61, and BS6920 accredited. TAC, Template Assisted Crystallisation meets the authorities' high requirements for drinking water and provides a natural, safe and efficient water treatment.

The Scalestop Tank series provides a safe, efficient, cost-effective treatment with low maintenance costs. A system that is ideal for entire properties or for the entire villa who want long intervals between media changes and high secure flows. The Scalestop Tank series uses original TAC media from Next Filtration Technology, independently verified as as effective as a traditional softener, but provides the great benefit of natural potable water. The Scalestop Tank series does not use electricity, no salt or chemicals, does not need to be regenerated or backwashed. Which makes it the ultimate "install and forget" system. The TAC Patron series can be mounted against all incoming water in a property and protect boilers, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines and ice machines and all other kitchen equipment that needs protection against hard water and lime.