Turbo TAC, TTAC - 948

2,362.00 EUR

High-efficiency prevention technology

Turbo TAC contains a trio of different filter media that together prevent hard water from building up calcium deposits, removing metals and chlorine.

The system has as the picture shows a downward flow path, the incoming tap water first passes through a special medium that removes metals such as iron, manganese and copper. The next step is a premium quality of activated carbon from coconut shell that removes bad taste, odor and chlorine and produces a tasty water. The final step is the central riser that contains Next ScaleStop with our smart Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) technology to prevent lime build up in your piping and machines.


ModelFlowTank Dimensions
TTAC-948 38 liter/minut23 x 122 cm


Turbo TAC comes with a fully programmable microprocessor control to regulate and control the automatic self-cleaning, which periodically rewinds to flush any accumulated dirt or sediment out of the tank.


  • High-efficiency prevention technology against lime deposits and forehead                   
  • Improved water taste and experience                  
  • Substantially less cost to buy and operate than conventional softeners (ionization systems)                 
  • Does not use salt or chemicals - no salt water in the backwash                       
  • Suitable for both smaller and larger maintenance                           
  • Protects the entire water system and all machines / appliances - including boilers and water heaters                          
  • Maintains useful minerals in the water