Coffe and vendingmachines

Avoid constant scale cleaning of your coffee machine

A smarter  way to avoid costly limescale build-up in coffee machines! Avoid limescale and unnecessary costs!

We realize all the limitations of conventional point of use (POU) systems Phosphates, cation exchange and the like have an effect to varying degrees. Some are good - others not so good. The techniques leave a lot to be desired, these systems normally have a relatively short effective life (usually 6 months or less) and many create corrosion and corrosion damage to valves and solenoids. These two factors not only involve unnecessarily costly maintenance, most often the burden of maintenance falls on the shoulders of untrained personnel leading to constant irritation and malfunctioning coffee machines.

Proven protection system for  vending and coffee machines

ScaleStop from Next Filtration is the proven alternative protection system for vending, coffee machines, ice machines, steam systems, combi ovens and all other catering equipment. Scalestop is available in both Point Of Entry (POE) and POU systems with a complete range of 24/7/365 continuous flow, from 1 liter / minute to 1,800 liters / minute. No salt, no chemicals, no electricity, no backwash, no regeneration or rest time.

  • POU systems are available as NSS-110/120 / 120B conventional cartridge systems with filter housings from 4 up to 16 liters / minute in flow rate. These devices have a minimum service life of 1 year between cartridge changes.
  • POE systems have a longer effective life cykel of 3 years with a start of 38 liters / minute and provide long-term effective preventive protection for the entire piping system - including boilers and water heaters, which eliminates the need for more POU filters.
  • ScaleStop is an established system in the coffee industry and is standard protection within Concordia. ScaleStop is controlled by an independent third party according to the German DVGW - W512 test protocol and has achieved 99.6% efficiency

It does not get better than this, an effective protection against lime+ Higher flow capacity and twice longer life cycle

Next ScaleStop cartridge system outperforms competitors. Do not just take our word for it - check the specification from your current supplier's system.