Big Green

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Big Green is the most complete product you can install to dramatically improve your water quality and simplify your everyday life

The Big Green System is Environmentally Friendly - wastes no water, no drain required, no salt in the water. Virtually maintenance free. The installation requires a minimum of space, only water in and water out, no other installations such as sewage and electrical connections and salt tanks, therefore no need for salt storage maintenance and other purchases. Big Green takes care of itself!

In addition to High capacity and long service life, Big Green is naturally offered with our appreciated 2 year warranty on the Scalestop medium and, for other models in the Series, applies to a 10-year warranty on cartridge housing / glass fiber tank and connections.

Weight 7 kg

Height 46 cm (free placement

Diameter 22 cm

The Scalestop + system combines the already proven Scalstop technology (TAC, Template Assisted Crystalization) against lime build-up and the benefits of a high-quality, high-performance organic carbon filter.

Scalestop + is designed for the private housing market and to meet high demands on operational safety. Big Green is designed to minimize lime deposits, sediment, other chemicals, chlorine taste and odor. With a maximum flow of 38 l per minute, Big Green can handle the larger family without any problems.

Big Green gives a good tasty water in every tap in the home as well as a nice shower with lovely lather. It has a compact 1 inch BSPT thread design for inlet and outlet connections, enabling easy installation.

Through the combination of New technology, low total cost and practical design, we avoid maintenance costs and only need to change filters within the intervals: Scale stop every three years and carbon filter / sediment every year.

Smart technology makes your life easier

Scalestop is today classified as the most effective lime prevention technology in the market (TAC - Template Assisted Crystalization). By crystallizing calcium and magnesium in controlled form using the TAC technique, the lime can no longer react . The water is still hard but appears as a soft water. The lime is insoluble in its crystal form and completely harmless. POE installation (all incoming water treated) provides effective protection against lime build-up throughout the house and protects all installations that are available, from all pipes to cranes, shower toilets and machines such as washing machine, dishwasher and coffee maker etc..

This system includes a pressure relief valve and multifunction tool for simple cartridge replacement. The Big Green system is certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) for NSF / ANSI Standard 372 and is completely unleaded. The carbon block used in Big Green is certified to NSF / ANSI 42. Scalestop media is certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to NSF / ANSI Standard 61.