All the benefits of a softener have unnecessary consequences.

Without risk to health, environment and no unnecessary consequences.

Next, ScaleStop .... A new Smart technology that works preventively, without salt and completely without electronics, sacrificial anodes or magnetic flashing devices that do not work.

A large part of households have problems with hard water.

Hard water is good to drink and good for health, but hard water causes hard limescale build-up on all surfaces the water comes in contact with, and damages heating and hot water systems, pipelines, taps and shower nozzles and causes damage and breakdowns in e.g. washing machines and dishwashers.

ScaleStop represents a safe technology with all the benefits of a traditional softener, without risk to health and environmental impact.

The term softener is only applied to salt-based ion exchange systems (ionization technology). ScaleStop should therefore not be described as a softener, but the technology gives you all its advantages, including the feeling of soft water, without giving the disadvantages and associated risks to our health and environment that a softener does.Calcium and magnesium are traditionally removed with a salt-based softener, which are important minerals for our well-being, while the sodium (salt) that is added is suspected to aggravate certain problems of cardiovascular health and contribute to weight gain.

ScaleStop takes nothing from the water and adds nothing to it either, the technology only prevents the lime from reacting and sticking in unsuitable places and follows the water out again. Smart, simple and economical

The whole house is protected, Smart!

  • 99.6% efficiency which is verified by an independent party, according to the German DVGW test W-512 which is a standard for testing limescale prevention techniques. 
  • A proven and smart alternative to traditional softeners. 
  • Mount ScaleStop and forget about your problems - a quick cartridge change once a year or a filter change after three years in the tank systems, for homes or Industry. 
  • No moving parts to replace, no maintenance, nothing that can break
  • ScaleStop does not waste water in backwashing as softeners do
  • A total protection for your boiler without associated corrosion issues.
  • caleStop removes existing limescale deposits from pipes, fittings and machines and keeps them clean.
  •  Unlike softeners, ScaleStop does not release salt into our environment.
  • Unlike softeners, ScaleStop needs no maintenance, no salt purchases, which leads to better operating economy and less headaches.